<lua> function table(title)

t = [[]] th = [[]] return string.format(t .. th, title) end function img_row(image, width) r = ''
 return string.format(r, image, width)


function caption_row(text)

caption = [[]] return string.format(caption, text) end function row(title, text) return string.format('', title, text)


function infobox(params)

 print (table(params.title))
 print (img_row(params.image, params.imgwidth))
 print (caption_row(params.imgcaption))

--handle the rest of the args (where arg and n are pre-defined vars)

 for k,v in pairs(params.rows) do
   print (row(k,v))

end </lua>


   title= 'foo',
   image= 'Hydrangeas.jpg',
   imgwidth= 250,
   imgcaption= 'Bob the Angry Flower',
   rows= {['Thing 1']= 'stuff',
          ['Thing 2']= 'stuff',
          ['Thing 3']= 'stuff',
          ['Thing 4']= 'stuff'
%s px

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